COVID-19 Updates

COVID-19 Updates

Guidelines for Worship - Updated 5/25/2020

Deciding to attend? Please review the following carefully before deciding to attend:

  1. Underlying Medical Conditions - The State and the CDC strongly encourage individuals with significant underlying medical conditions (such as lung disease, asthma, heart conditions, immune system diseases, cancer, diabetes, and liver disease), who are at a higher risk of severe illness due to COVID-19, to stay at home.
  2. Senior Citizens - The State and the CDC strongly encourage senior citizens (over 65 years and older), who are at a higher risk of severe illness due to COVID-19, to stay at home.
  3. Unwell or Symptomatic Individuals - If you do not feel well or are experiencing fever, cough or other signs of respiratory or other illness, please do not come. 
  4. Contact with Sick Individuals - Many establishments are requiring employees and guests to stay home if they have been in contact recently (up to 2 weeks) with someone known to have COVID-19 or having symptoms of respiratory illness.  Please consider this when deciding whether to attend.  We may have members who would be uncomfortable being around those who have had such contact with sick individuals. 
  5. No Temperature Checks; Self-Checks Encouraged – We will not be doing on-site temperature checks.  Many establishments are requiring employees and guests to self-check their temperature before coming to work or visiting.  We ask members to consider checking their temperatures before attending.
  6. Others Uncomfortable Attending - It is understood and expected that others will simply not be comfortable attending at this time.  The elders do not expect members to attend in person who are uncomfortable doing so.
  7. BlueJeans Streaming - Our service will be streamed over BlueJeans conferencing in order to allow those not attending to participate in the services virtually.  Of course, we look forward to having all members who are able assembling in person once we are cleared from the current concerns related to COVID-19.  Please contact us for information on how to connect and join using this method.   

Worship Service Guidelines

  1. Face Coverings Required - Osceola County generally requires all people age 2 and older to wear a face covering, consistent with CDC guidelines, at all times while in public places or gatherings of 10 or more people.  (Of course, face coverings would be removed while taking the Lord’s Supper.)  We would ask all members to bring their own face covering, but a limited supply will be available at the building for those who do not bring their own.
  2. Social Distancing - A distance of at least 6 feet (about two arm’ lengths) should be maintained between families at all times and in all areas of the building and parking lot. While we would like nothing more than to hug or shake hands at this time, it is impossible to do so while maintaining the required social distancing. 
  3. Auditorium Seating - To maintain social distancing with respect to our seating, the following will be implemented:
    1. Larger Families - For families/groups of three or more, seating will be on the right side with every other row left empty.  Empty rows will be marked by signs.
    2. Parties of 1 and 2 - For singles & doubles, seating will be on the left side, with doubles on the outside and singles on the inside using alternating rows. Signs will provide direction for each row.
    3. Social Distancing Required - Please do not sit next to anyone without proper social distancing unless they are in the group that you arrived with, taking care to keep at least 6 feet between groups.
    4. Overflow Classroom Seating - If the available seating in the auditorium is filled, members will need to sit in designated classroom areas and follow the services on their mobile device(s).
    5. An usher will be available to assist with seating arrangements and we ask all members to cooperate with the requests of ushers with respect to seating.
  4. Signage - Please note and follow any instructions provided on any signage posted throughout the building.
  5. No Congregating - Please do not congregate in the lobby, front or back of the auditorium or the porch before, during or after worship.  After services, members may visit in the parking lot while maintaining social distancing and being mindful of vehicles.
  6. Touching Surfaces and Objects - To the extent possible, please avoid unnecessary touching of surfaces such as the backs and sides of pews. There will be no community bibles or songbooks in the pews.  Please bring your own Bible and if you require a songbook you will be given one that you can take home and bring back with you.  
  7. Children - Children should not congregate or play interactively before or after the service. While we know how difficult this is, children should be instructed not to approach or contact others and should otherwise be able to maintain social distancing from others present.
  8. Entering and Exiting the Building and Auditorium
    1. The front door to the building will be left open or will be opened by an usher for you. 
    2. When entering the building, please (1) note any signs or directions that may be posted and (2) clean your hands with hand sanitizer which will be provided in the lobby. 
    3. The doors leading into and out of the auditorium will be left open at all times.
    4. If exiting the auditorium during services, please be mindful of others returning to the auditorium and maintain social distancing.
    5. At the close of services, everyone will exit the building as will be directed and in an orderly fashion by family/arrival group so as to maintain social distancing and avoid congregating in the lobby and other areas of the building.
  9. Hand Washing and Sanitizing - Please wash and sanitize your hands frequently, especially before or after touching common surfaces, and avoid touching your face as much as possible.
  10. Bathroom Use - We ask that bathroom use be limited to one person at a time, if at all possible. An usher will be present to inform people if a bathroom is in use.  Please clean those surfaces that have been touched or will be touched.  Sanitizing wipes will be provided.  Please use a paper towel when touching all door handles.

Updates to Worship Service

  1. Lord’s Supper
    1. The bread will be given to each member or family as they enter the lobby. 
    2. The fruit of the vine will be served without the passing of trays.  A server will bring the tray to you and each individual will take one cup, being mindful not to touch other surfaces on the tray.
    3. Please place the cup in the bag the bread was provided in and dispose of in the trash can near the exit as you leave the building. 
    4. Servers will wear masks and gloves.
  2. Contribution - We will not be collecting the contribution by the passing of trays.  A box will be left in the lobby in which you can place your contribution. For those unable to attend, contribution can also be mailed to Chris Jones or sent via PayPal.  Please contact us for more information regarding these methods.
  3. Limited Singing and Sermon - Considering the requirement to wear a face covering, initially we will limit our singing to 2-3 songs and will limit any preaching to an invitation or words of encouragement of 5-10 minutes.