Welcome to the Fortune Road Church of Christ!

Whether you live in the Kissimmee area, or are planning to visit Disney World and other Orlando area attractions, we would love to have you worship with us!

With this invitation, let us give you an idea of who we are and what to expect when you visit.

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Building Construction Update

There has been quite a bit of visible work done this past week. The exterior painting is done as well as the interior painting in the new parts of the building. The old sidewalk has been torn out. The new sidewalk has been added as well as an extension to the parking lot. It will be just another week or two before we are able to use the new front door. There is still plenty of dust around, but it will not be much longer until the construction is all done.

Building Construction

After years of planning and coordinating, the construction for the building expansion project started the last week of March.  Construction is expected to take about four months, so anyone visiting during this time should be sure to check back on our website for updates to meeting times and/or location.  

The front door of the building will not be available so entry to the auditorium will be through the side door facing the parking lot (signs will be posted).  If you arrive after services begins, entry will be into the classroom part of the building (also facing the parking lot) where you will be asked to wait to minimize interruption to the worship by entering between songs and prayers.

We are encouraged by our many visitors and know that this expansion will make room for even more.  Thanks for your patience over the next few months and we look forward to seeing you.

Tuesday July 29 2014

Old Testament: 2 Chron 29-30 2 Chron 29-30

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